Stuck horse rescued from Nebraska swamp

A horse that broke away from its owner in Nebraska ended up requiring help from firefighters to escape from a swampy area.

The Nebraska Humane Society said four officers responded to a swampy area near Cunningham Lake in Omaha on Sunday after a horse named Dakota fled from its owner and became stuck.

Help was summoned to the scene from the Omaha Police Department and Omaha Fire Department.

Firefighters used an aerial rig, a harness and a safety rope to help pull Dakota to safety.

The horse was reunited with its owner after a rescue operation lasting for about two hours.

Firefighters, police and members of the public came together for an hours-long rescue last year when a horse named Stetson fled from his New Hampshire home and became stuck in chest-high mud.

The rescuers said they were making only inches of progress at a time, causing the rescue to last about eight hours.